[SKFREE053] Menthe De Menthe & Ricky Zeta - Renaissance Terror

Release Notes:

[SKFREE053] Menthe De Menthe & Ricky Zeta - 'Renaissance Terror' Split EP
Released on the New/'Black' Moon of April 10th 2013



Menthe De Menthe and Ricky Zeta join forces to shoot your brain up with 'Renaissance Terror.' A no-frills ultrasonic perversion of analogue industrial terror and hard techno capable of transforming any floaty friendly being into a cold, hard, beast.


01. Ricky Zeta - Defekt
02. Ricky Zeta - A Tribute to the Head-Fuckerz
03. Ricky Zeta - Swallow Elektronik I
04. Ricky Zeta - Swallow Elektronik II
05. Menthe De Menthe - Desolazione Catodica
06. Menthe De Menthe - Industria Pesante (Raw Mix)
07. Menthe De Menthe - Canale Scolmatore
08. Menthe De Menthe - Va Tutto Bene (Mono Mix) 


Thanks and greetings to Carla and Grener Art, Splatterkore Reck-ords, Niel and Legs Akimbo Records, Matt & Night Terror Recordings, Danger Poison Rekords, Svartkirke Records, Davi Santos F, Hartmut & Shit Noise Records, Nevre, Makadam Circus & You.


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