Club Alien Interview: Zoe Mindgrrind Settles the 'Core'

Zoe Mindgrrind Settles the 'Core' - An Interview by Miss E from Club Alien
"You should never be told what you want, what to worship or who to be, yet in our society, we have been SOLD these ideals. Do whatever makes your heart sing and sometimes it means sticking your middle finger up" Zoe Mindgrrind.

The green haired lead singer of Skat Injector is marauding around the stage with the mic, belting out a tirade of raw aural energy. The restless crowd below her reels and ricochets off each other in a nonstop, chain-reaction of movement & sound. To all appearances it is a punk gig, except for a few crucial details: the “stage” is actually the back of a sound system van at the Fuck Parade, one of Berlin’s biggest techno street parties. While the drag queen's vocals belong in a grindcore band, the beats are machine-gun gabba. Even the singer's voice, the only organic feature of the electric torrent of frustration pouring out the speakers, is a rough-edged sine wave that blends into the industrial soundscape. The float that Skat Injector are playing on was organized by the Splatterkore collective, of which Zoe Mindgrrind is one of the founding members.


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