[SKFREE054] Coredyceps - 'Space-Spores'

[SKFREE054] Coredyceps - 'Space-Spores'



Released on the Full Moon of April 25th 2013
Artwork by http://www.Eltercald-Design.co.uk
Mastering by Adam Freethinker


Release Description:

When it infects you, you won't know what to do
Coredyceps will possess your mind - control your movements too.

Taking you to a place so the Space-Spores can spread
moving through your legs 'til they grow through your head
You're all tangled up in webs of fungal thread!

There is no escaping the spore of the fastest and darkest psilocyber-core!

- SK

Track Listing:

1. Conqueror
2. Tribes
3. Future Siegement
4. First Aid Robot
5. Molecule Coitus
6. Chrysanthemum



Artist Info:

Coredyceps started DJ'ing at the end of October 2011 and has been making his own sounds since August 2012. With only a couple months of music production under his belt, it is really quite amazing how far his style has already developed.

Coredyceps is not afraid to experiment with the defining elements of the extreme alternative dance communities. His sound seamlessly blurs and fuses together everything that lies between the boundaries and melts down the labels put in place by the purists and their ego scene wars.

With psychedelic precision, relentless insanity and tempo-bending wizardry, Coredyceps cleverly combines elements of experimental darkpsy and psycore with the heavier hitting sounds of hardcore and speedcore. A very unique and refreshing cross-over artist with a lot of potential straight from the Berlin underground, be sure to keep your eyes on him in 2013!

- Splatterkore

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