Final Release!! [SK0000 Exquisite Splatterkorpse VA]

Finally, Exquisite Splatterkorpse is here!

This is our final release into the dark portal through the Splatterkore channel.

Download in all formats from our Bandcamp

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the growth of this project throughout the years.

Yes, we have a new label in a new format never seen before in the music industry. A little bit of digging around in the Underworld and maybe you will find it, it is a black diamond of iconoclastic sonic power. All releases will be tried through a strict application process to test your spirit and dedication to the Kaos Godess. Her requirements, not ours. DO NOT e-mail me with any demos in future.

Splatterkore never rests in peace.

Fuck Parade 2018 wishlist

2 drivers with LkW license
3 people to support the crew
1 generator
4 slots available for reliable Artists and DJs who can make it to Berlin easily and without diva attitude. MUST PLAY FAST. We’re making fuck parade great again!
There has been a lot of interest in artist slots so we can’t guarantee you can play. Send us a demo anyway because we want fresh sounds!

🤑 If you just want to donate and support the underground we accept those via PayPal to fund the truck and expenses as there will be no entry fee. please write your name when you donate so we can praise you 🤑

If interested please message us directly and share this post. No information will be posted publicly until later.

[SK086] - Defloration - La Mente Consumato

"La Mente Consumato"

Saturday 17th March 2018 - New Moon Release 

Download MP3

Description: La Mente Consumato; The Consumed Mind. This release from the blistering mind of Italian experimental loli-flash artist, Defloration. If you are in your mind still, it's already over for you.

Track List: 

01. Defloration - la mente consumato 06:17
02. Defloration - la guerra nel cervello 05:26
03. Defloration - la passione della morte 03:34

All Tracks produced by D  / link coming soon

Artwork by Mindgrrind