Kalilaskov AS (RUS/ISR)

Artist Profile
Kalilaskov AS is Vadim Tcherkashin. He was born in the USSR near Chernobyl and after the infamous atomic disaster in the region he moved to Israel with his family.

In Israel Vadim fell in love with psychedelic trance and eventually decided to pursue his own solo project. Around the same time the nickname Kalilaskov first appeared. Initially it was only a name used by Vadim's close friends to address him (translated as "the kind one" from Belorussian). But later Vadim adopted this name as his permanent alias and added AS to it, which stands for Atomic Station. Thereby Kalilaskov AS was officially born.

It did not take long for the global psytrance community to take notice of the young musician and his unique music. The very first release came out on the French Nabi Records and after that multiple compilation releases followed on some of the best labels in the world.

Kalilaskov's best of came out in 2008 on Digital Drugs Coalition under the title "Killas" and incorporated Vadim's most renowned compilation tracks. Today Kalilaskov AS is signed to the world famous Russian-Australian giant Blitz Studios and his first full length solo album is to come out very soon!!!

At present Kalilaskov AS is playing all over the world at various indoor and outdoor events, club parties and festivals! Catch him near you :)

Services Offered
We are happy to work with Vadim and promote his services for mastering. We feel that it is important to offer other solutions which will help further your work. Vadim is open minded to various styles of music and has many years worth of experience in mastering. He has a very down to earth and professional approach. Vadim is very perceptive in helping produce the sound you want to create.
As part of his service he can explain to you his methods and techniques so you can apply it to your own work in the future. He is the key to making your technical production skills a lot sharper and enhancing your music. His service is great for artists who have gotten far with the creative side of music production but who want to explore music technology more and push it a bit further.

Mastering Prices
1 Track: 7 Euro
1 CD: 50 Euro

Website: http://www.kalilaskov.as
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kalilaska
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/kalilaskov-as
Record Label/Online Store: http://www.ohmganeshpro.com

Splatterkore Support/Work
Full Mastering of Mindgrrind's 2CD experimental/ambient compilation titled 'Fucked Up Silence', released July 19th 2012. A free download of this release can be found here!

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