Splatterkore would like to apologise for the lack of releases over the past few months. It has DEFINITELY been too quiet, huh! That is so not like us ;) I explain that a bit further down for those interested but I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who has stuck with SK and encouraged me to keep the project going.

We had a bit of mayhem at FUPA 2011 (no truck this year but a great party at Tacheles, Berlin with some of Splatterkore's faves), celebrated our 3rd birthday and a few other great little parties but no internet or time to show you all. Our main issue was with the core management; one member has set Splatterkore aside to pursue his new music organisation, Unrepresented Recordings (check it out!) and I emigrated to Berlin back in April and everything has been manic as expected; curiously probing this that and the other whilst still compiling releases without an internet connection, ha!

...BUT things have changed! We have a very exciting string of releases for you in 2012 and if you wanna show us some of your stuff, send us a zip file with your demo to booking @ splatterkore. co . uk

Stay tuned for releases from Zutsuu, Skitzaphonic, Omnipresence, Dionnaki, The Xenaxium and many more! This blog is due to be updated with artist profiles, pictures, samples and event updates soon so please bookmark this site.

Hope you've had a great year.. onward to the vortex!!

Chaos, Love and Unity,

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