Release Guidelines


  • All releases will be put out on the Full or New Moon. Please refer to the 'Release Calendar 2012-2013' on the home page. Then we will discuss the release date. ***Please note that we do not release more than 2 artists on the same date so please take that in to consideration.
  • We do not listen to anything that is messaged to us via our Facebook, Soundcloud or other social media network. If you want us to hear to your material then you MUST e-mail us at Please use an appropriate subject title and in your message you must include a short description of your project and/or provide us with some links to your other work. From there we can offer you our thoughts and discuss release plans and other project ideas.
  • Label all tracks consistently and properly using this simple template example:

  • Final submissions (fully mastered, including finished artwork and release notes) must be received no later than 2 days before the proposed release date, otherwise it will be carried over on to the next available slot.
  • Compilation submissions will always have a fixed deadline before the actual release date so it has time to be mastered. If your track is not received in time for the submission deadline then we will be unable to accept it for the release.
Audio Spec
  • All UNMASTERED tracks should follow these specifications:
    • 24bit
    • 44,100hz
    • -3db
    • WAV format
  • All MASTERED releases should be 320kbps MP3 and a WAV or FLAC copy if you wish.
    ***if it is for a compilation then you MUST include the WAV
  • Please try to master your own release. If you are unable to master it yourself or you don't know anyone that can help then please feel free to contact us at
  •  Your release at a minimum, should have a front cover. Extra artwork such as back cover, insert booklet, inside tray, and CD image, is great, but not essential.
  •   All artwork must be 800 x 800 pixels in .JPEG or .PNG format.
  •  The front cover of the release must have album name and artist title. 
  •  If someone else is mastering the release, a credit somewhere is required.
  •  The following info must be on the front or back cover, we can take care of it or you can come up with your own way of displaying it.
    • Splatterkore Logo (a new vector and .PNG version of this will be available soon)
    • Our website link:
    • Catelogue number: [SKFREE####] (we will confirm your release code)
If you can not do the artwork or need help with it, you must send it to us AT LEAST 10 DAYS before the release date with an idea on how you want it to look.

@ Eltercald Design is our in-house graphic designer. He will be happily provide artwork for Splatterkore-only and co-label releases. If you would like him to design the art your upcoming Splatterkore release then please follow his personal guidelines:

  • I need a minimum of 10 days notice to begin work on your release art.
  • Only front and back cover for free. For free web releases the art work will be 800 x 800 pixels @ 300dpi. If you would like professional standard sizing and resolution at printing industry standards, including booklet, tray image and cd label e.t.c then please consult my website for pricing and negotiations (
  • Only MINOR changes will be considered upon completion (mainly due to how much hassle it can be to change layers in Photoshop without it effecting others e.t.c.)
  • I will include my website link/logo on the back cover art. It will be small and un-intrusive and depending on the design, be placed at the bottom in the corner.
  • For ALL unpaid art work I require full creative freedom to interpret your theme. For more detail-specific work where I would need to compromise my vision then I will need to negotiate some kind of payment or trade.
    For examples of my previous work with Splatterkore please check out my gallery on my personal page here.
Mindgrrind is also available for artwork proposals. She specialises in hand-drawn digital fantasy/symbolic art, and is heavily influenced by comics and sacred art. If you would like her to design the art for your upcoming Splatterkore release please follow her personal guidelines:
  • I need a minimum of 1 week notice to begin work on your release art.
  • Only front cover
  • Only digital hand drawn work, I can use photographs for reference if you wish.

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