We're receiving similar queries so we thought we might be able to answer a few of the common ones in this FAQ. If there is anything you need to know that we might have missed, leave us a comment here and we will certainly provide you with an answer :)

What is Splatterkore about?

We are primarily a DIY music network focused entirely around hardcore, breakcore, speedcore, psycore, punk, drone & noize. We are a non-profit organization that aims to help underground artists through promotion and networking. We love heavy, distorted music/noize, performance art and genre crossing.

All our printing, decor, promotion and distribution is done DIY and if you like what we're doing, we would benefit greatly from donations

To go to our paypal donations page, copy this link into your browser: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_b
utton_id=7336828 :) (thank you for being so kind!)

What is the Terror Tribe?

The Splatterkore Terror Tribe, is a an underground network of artists, activists, supporters and social terrorists, who work towards the liberation of humanity from the repetition, routine and conformity of the capitalist system.

Through art, musik and culture, we not only challenge the status quo, but more importantly offer alternatives and display that alternative realities exist within this sick society. With demonstations of passion for these different brain patterns and life orientations, we show that the concept of reality is plural by its very nature. We will disrupt the every day norm with explosions of culture which until now has been supressed and submerged. Only through free expression and social revolution can we, the earth and all of its entities, ever be completly liberated.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for more artists and VJs for our events. We would like to create interactive installations in future. If you are artistically inclined, we will surely be able to help each other out in some way.

We are currently collecting material for a Zine (End Times) which requires more contributors at this stage.

°We are interested in strong, high energy, experimental releases.
°We also like stuff that merges band music and fuses techno genres. We like UNIQUE, CREATIVE sounds and uncharterd styles ie we won't care if you are trying sound exactly like Venetian Snares!! We also love artists with a strong philosophy behind their projects and have a message to spread.

Please wait until you are completely satisfied with your work and are interested in someone taking it seriously before you send it to us. There is no hurry or pressure.

° If you don't think your music or style fits the guidelines so far but you are convinced we will like it and you would like to be a part of Splatterkore, by all means send us a demo.

° Please be committed to what you're doing! Splatterkore is a strong co-operative and we like it that way :)

Contact us for the address to send demos.

If your release will be accepted, we will draft a rough plan up for your release, assign you a catalogue number and link you to the release guidelines which can be viewed here.

How do I order merch?

 All tshirts and hoodies will now be silk screened at Splatterkore HQ and on ethical or second hand T-shirts. We have VERY LIMITED numbers left, please enquire. Due to the nature of screen printing the images will vary slightly (please check out our photo albums for stuff we have in stock). More info to be released..

CDs are available by contacting store @ splatterkore . co . uk

UK residents have the option of Cheque, Postal Order, Bank Transfer or Paypal. All international orders must be through Paypal.

Can I release through Splatterkore?

We enjoy doing creative projects and releases, but you must send us a demo first (see above for demo guidelines). If you have a track that you feel would work on one of our compilations or have an idea for a project, we are happy to discuss your ideas. We strive to operate as a platform for creative misfits to get their stuff heard.<

We are currently focusing on mp3 releases and free downloads.

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