End Times: The Splatterkore Zine

Religious or secular, the apocalypse is a grand narrative that refuses to die. Why sit with your back to the view?

Splatterkore are collaborating on a Zine based around the idea of post-apocalyptia and we're looking for contributions. Submissions can be anything you want, for example :

social/ cultural/ political critique
etc etc

(We're thinking along the lines of photos of old abandoned hospitals, eco-criticism, zombie apocalypse attack plans, endings as new beginning, critique of the money system, survivalism, manifestos for a new way of life, cold war nostalgia, fashion trends for tribal warriors, roadkill recipes, pictures of mushroom clouds, technological sigularities, the Tesco generation out on the hunt, post-suburbia, breaking ount of the bar code prison, peak oil, anarcho-primitivism, utopia, dystopia, the aftermath)

You can submit as many pages as you want, but quality over quantity is generally a good rule of thumb. Pages can be single or double page spreads. Each page will be size A5, but if you prefer to work larger then submitting pages in A4 is okay, just bear in mind they will be resized. Also take into account that it will be printed in black and white.

Feel free to interpret the theme as loosely as you want to, but we're working around questions like

What form could the end of the world take? What can the apocalypse tell us about the world that led to it? If everything was reset to zero, what kind of world would we choose to create?

Deadline tbc.

Submissions to end_times@live.co.uk

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