Splatterkore Lunar Cult

I was asked by Extrem a simple question about our use of the lunar cycles to release music within ‘Splatterkore...’

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Extrem Presents Splatterkore!! Thursday 25/02/2016
Lauschangriff Rigaerstr 103, 10247
Berlin DE 


Every Thursday Extrem hosts events in Lauschangriff in collaboration with Berlin-based underground music-collectives: Splatterkore, Oscilloplexe (Freakwenz), Kaometry and Grundfrequenz.

Post-launch, Splatterkore will be kicking a$$ every 3rd Thursday of the month. 
Check the site http://extrem.berlin/ for the full program

)o( Line-Up )o(

>> 2LAVE RAC3 (UK) - original founding member of Splatterkore, previously manifested as Junkie Kut/Omnipresence launches today! Live acid rave/DJ set.

>>CopKilla (ROM) - frantic, experimental crossover. DJ

>>DEFCE (USA) - Absolutely uncensored LIVE

>>DuranDuranDuran (USA) - https://soundcloud.com/duranduranduran

>>Fexomat (DE) - Voodoo jungle brew with a bit of everything in. Perfectly mixed for turning you into some wild awesome creature.

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