Splatterkore combines forces with Extrem Berlin!

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a monthly showcase in collaboration with Extrem Berlin music collective. We launch on the 4th Thursday of February 25/02/2016. Line-up is to be confirmed shortly!

Following that, we take over every 3rd Thursday of the month. 17/03, 21/04 etc. If you are interested in performing please get in touch. 

Here is the program so far:

       #1 First Thursdays: Extrem Berlin

       #2 Second Thursdays: Freakwenz

       #3 Third Thursdays: Splatterkore Reck-ords

       #4 Fourth Thursdays: Grundfrequenz

       #5 Fifth Thursdays: Kaometry

Unravel the ancient golden cages of structure and geometry, it's all nothing. Nothing but beautiful quotidian depression, reduction, patterns repeated over and over again.. take it down and make it yours because it will be the only thing you will ever own. Fuck what's already there, we are the destroyers and the creators. Join us in hallucinating into the future together. 

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