I know Splatterkore is up and down, here and there. The world changes, Splatterkore changes. I've also taken a 6 month spontaneous hiatus from the internet hence the lack of response.

I plan to re-launch on the next black moon. 11/12. I have been working on a new project concept and I will be releasing only single collaborative tracks and they will all be available for free download. The guidelines are firmer but I think it will open up new possibilities if taken seriously. I am also going for a fractal networking model because quite frankly, fractals are cool and solid hierarchical structures suck. I am also still going to release EPs but they must be ready to go (at a standard YOU, the artist, are happy with) once they reach me. I don't want to manage your projects on a technical level, details are not my strong point but the wider picture is and I do have a lot of resources, so please ask because we're all sharing the same dreams here.

Chaos, Love, Liberation is the mantra that has been at the heart of the project from the beginning. See how you go with it. Distortion shatters mind control!!!!!

Be a star in the Splatterkore galaxy!!! Message me to get involved.

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