SONIC ALCHEMY - the fractal sound network

Every new sound is an awakening. All sound is one sound within which we express our own frequency.

Sonic Alchemy's mission is to burn the cages in our minds and to destroy illusions of separation through dance music, it is the annihilation of limitation through fusing genres and personal visions to accelerate the expansion of the underground. We aim to keep art sacred and free!


 Join us and perform the alchemy of distortion.

Here’s the rules:

1. All tracks must be collaborative. You must work with at least one other artist directly. The idea is that you learn, explore, share, connect and build friendships with other musicians and producers you respect. If you are remixing, you must be in contact with the artist who made the original track. i.e. remixing an old classic will not be accepted.

2. If you don’t have a partner in mind but wish to join in, please send a link to your soundcloud to and we will add you to the Sound Playground at the bottom of this page.

3. All tracks will be be released one at a time for free download on this soundcloud page: and posted on this blog under the Sonic Alchemy tag.

4. It is okay to release these tracks elsewhere, but we ask that you inform us about the release so we can link it. Please title your track ‘Sonic Alchemy’ if so.

5. All links must be provided (eg your website or affiliated labels)! Plus any other info you wish to share with the community.

Track Specifications:

1. WAV please!!

2. Label the track like so: Track Name – Artist Name(s) - Splatterkore Sonic Alchemy – (UN)MASTERED.WAV

Mastering Specifications:

Here is a few guidelines from one of our mastering engineers *you can also master things yourself. If you wish to have it mastered, write UNMASTERED in the file name.

1) Take limiters and EQ off the master buss. Mixes should peak at around -6db

2) Resolution doesn't matter so much but 24bit 48khz is suggested. 24bit 96khz is fine but all mixes will end up 16bit 44.1khz, so sending 16bit 44.1khz is obviously fine.

A shit mix makes an average master; a great mix master an amazing master!



Watt Tha Fuck Live (France)

Supersonic Alchemist (India)

Need a partner? Add your project here!!!

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