Coredyceps [GER]

Coredyceps s
tarted DJ'ing at the end of October 2011 and has been making his own sounds since August 2012. With only a couple months of music production under his belt, it is really quite amazing how far his style has already developed.

Coredyceps is not afraid to experiment with the defining elements of the extreme alternative dance communities. His sound seemlessly blurs and fuses together everything that lies between the boundaries and melts down the labels put in place by the purists and their ego scene wars.

With psychedelic precision, relentless insanity and tempo-bending wizardry, Coredyceps cleverly combines elements of experimental darkpsy and psycore with the harder hitting sounds of speedcore and noise. A very unique and refreshing cross-over artist with a lot of potential straight from the Berlin underground, be sure to keep your eyes on him in 2013! - Splatterkore

Project Description

"Sounds like a crowd of drugged aliens trying to catch you with their high advantaged, strange sounding technology. After they succeeded, you will be forced through their chambers which are causing shizophrenic madness and overstimulating bodyloads. At the end of your trip, you will be sacrificed in strange rituals for the happiness of the old-space ancients. Spirituality and mind-altering content included!" - Description by Coredyceps

Splatterkore Releases

  • [SKFREE046] Coredyceps - 'Sonic Meditation' EP.
    Coredyceps debut 4 track EP will be released on the New Moon of January 11th 2013.


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