[SKFREE045] Thunder VIP - Origins

Release Information:

Artist: Thunder VIP
Title: Origins (O II)
Released by: Splatterkore Reck-ords
Cat. No: [SKFREE045]
Release Date: 31st December 2012 (NYE release)

Download: WAV


Bio-Industrial works of waveform artistry. By tapping into your mind's ability to visualise, the emotional shift you will experience clears the path for the future ahead and re-connects to your origin.
Origins EP

Thank you for taking the time to download my latest release. Following on from O pt 1 - released N.Y.E 2011/2012 with Splatterkore Reckords, this album is further experimentation into ambience, audio manipulation and experimental instrumental techniques.

As with the last release, both Splatterkore and I are giving you this release for free, to thank you for all the support you guys have given both us. Although this release is free, I'd like to stress the amount of time and effort that goes into projects like these.

If you wish to thank either myself or Splatterkore - would you consider donating to a charity that's close to your heart? I have a just giving page - set to raising money for Shelter, where you can donate directly.

If you don't want to support shelter, why not choose a charity of your own?
Or donate to Splatterkore so they can continue to bring you free music!

-Thunder VIP

Track Listing:

01. Origins I
02. Origins II
03. Origins III
04. Origins IV
05. Origins V

Running Time: 24.35



http://www.justgiving.com/OriginsSKhttp://england.shelter.org.uk/ (for donations)


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