The Decentralised Future Community

We believe that active participation in projects is vital and the most important element in creating community bonds. These bonds are so often destroyed by cliques, popularity contests, systems and rigid guidelines that no one truly cares about. In the absence of community bonds, you have alienation or a tendency to re-enforce the template that we are all wishing to break free from. It's a bit of a learning curve because I am not that up to date on technology that makes free-flowing exchange of ideas between people living far away possible.

It has always been, from the very beginning, a plan to make Splatterkore a decentralised community, but we have had certain difficulties in doing so. For example, communication breakdowns between active members, instability or even being considered as an 'extreme' label because we don't shy away from the dark or chaotic or extreme or misanthropic themes. We feel it is a little bit more than that,
but people often pigeon-hole as an easy way to understand something.

We do not wish to exclude people who have a bit of energy to fuel the collective fire, but in order to keep the momentum of fluidity, and exploration of the cutting edge, we have been collaborating with other 'tribes' with different ideas for events and doing themed compilations. Hopefully this helps us and you, explore uncharted imaginary territories and open others to new experiences.

But what else can be done? We need to find a way of sharing and exchanging resources... get other people with new ideas heard (is there anyone out there who has a sensible and new idea they want to throw around within splatterkore?)-- how does this whole wiki/open-source thing work then? Facebook is becoming more and more rigid, vapid and isolating with data-mining thrown in, but it looks like this is where everyone gravitates because there isn't many alternatives.... ideas?

Splatterkore Terror Tribe

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