"I think that Splatterkore is one of the finest labels, open-minded to new sounds, it is all about innovation! chaos is what binds the universe!" - Hersenerosie

"at first I want to say that you all fucked my brain at the cerebral chaos 3 Phases of brainwash party in a way I never experienced before... THANKS FOR THAT! =) ... Looked so great , in the last hours in the splatterkore room... just music zombies moving monotonous to overdriving frequencies... haha. :D PURE SATISFACTION!"

That whole splatterkore stuff already means a lot to me! Finally I found something that fits to my thoughts and feelings about this dark, essential energy going through brain caused by overdriving music... It will set this stuff to a whole new level of mind-altering." - Coredyceps

its funny ive been thinking splatterkult for ages cos when i was playing somebody said 'your on splatterkore right? its more of a cult than a label is it not?'"
- OhMega Sir

"I think that Splatterkore is good for releasing all of the stuff they release. Most people don't understand when they hear something experimental but Splatterkore understand. Most people just want to release music that has been done before, and music that is new that has developed to a point where it is popular. Nobody wants to hear stuff that is in development. I quite like that about Splatterkore, a lot of the music I have released on the label could be seen to be an already established genre, but some things that I have done recently, are more new, and is influenced by some of the records released on Splatterkore, such as some of the Junkie Kut releases etc. and I think that it is healthy for people to be doing something new and have a platform to release their music on." - Hyper Acid

"I have worked with Splatterkore on numerous occasions now, and I intend on becoming a more active member of this special collective.

Splatterkore has always encouraged my deeper explorations within experimental music techniques, and have provided a safe harbour that has allowed me to maintain artistic integrity and aided in the development of my conceptual projects.

The collective respond to ideas in a positive and encouraging way, and have gone out of their way to make sure the end product is the best it can possibly be. I can safely say I would have struggled to become the artist I am today without the help of splatterkore and it is humbling to be able to work with such a great group of people." -
Thunder V.I.P.

"Cheers for your work and energy and long live for Splatterkore!!!" - BWK

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