‘Sound of the Underground' - An Interview with Junkie Kut

‘Sound of the Underground' - An Interview with Junkie Kut
You can fill your hard-drives up with pirated music in an instant with downloading software these days. This slugs a huge financial blow to the music industry as a whole. However, when it comes to underground music communities, there is not a lot of money circulating there anyway and so they are driven to work in a different way. With a sense of determination, artists are bringing the focus back to the community. Still, finding a way to sustain themselves in a new and constantly evolving movement requires continual leaps into the unknown. Ryan, the founder of “Unrepresented Music,” whose alter-ego is Junkie Kut, a zombie cyborg on crystal meth, explains the contrasting values, challenges and compromises alternative musicians must understand to allow themselves and their communities to flourish.

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Art by Hagit Keren

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