‘Cheat to Compete - Government Benefits’ - Article by Mindgrrind

Cheat to Compete - Government Benefits
Government benefits are often regarded as a last-resort solution for when you’re out of employment and are given money to cover your basic human needs. The present economy in the UK has resulted in a high rate of unemployment where many working people have lost their jobs and are entitled to these unemployment benefits. However, for many young creative people, particularly musicians, avoiding employment is a way of life. We’ve heard it many times, it’s an idea deeply entrenched in the collective psyche that you have to work hard to survive, particularly if you’re an artist. But their values are different from what we are expected to accept, so what goes on in the minds of these so-called ‘social parasites’; artists who balance their raison d’être with making ends meet all while dealing with the shit dribbling down the social ladder?

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Art by Agata Sasiuk

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