The Free Party - Article by Mindgrrind

‘It all started in the 90‘s with ecstasy’
Coming out of the metal/grindcore/punk scene and into a world where the music was of a more abstract rather than lyrical nature was a huge shift for me in terms of what I was used to. I was always drawn to art of any kind which grabbed me by the throat and forced me to pay attention and my earliest introduction into the free party movement was on the rather extreme end of the abstract dance music spectrum and I was deprogrammed in a way I had never known possible. I discovered a world where the limitations were seemingly non-existent when it came to expressing yourself, if you can use a computer to experiment with faster, more dynamic beats then why not? People of all ages and cultural backgrounds were uniting over rhythmic pounding kick-drums, sensual bass-lines and psychedelic polyrhythms. There was nothing to argue about, nothing to prove and a positive community atmosphere.


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