A999C (FRA)

Artist Autobiography
My name is Alexandre Casademunt from France (Bordeaux)
- Angstprod & Angst Records: artistic director/founder/promoter (2004 - R.I.P. 2012) 
- Sickbrain: industrial noise project born in 2004, 1 release on CD-R 
- A999C: speedcore/machinecore/extremecore project: 4 tracks + live on Core-Tex + 1 track on Chase Records + EP on Splatterkore 
- Devouring The Sun Records: founder. Devouring The Sun have 1 vinyl release available on December 2012
- Les Neiges Noires de Laponie: ambient and dark ambient project.

Splatterkore Releases

 'Stellar Destruction' EP. Free download released on the Full Moon of August 2nd, 2012.
"Signals have been encountered...
The recording you are about to hear is all that is left from the ruination of the Earth and Heavens during the last age of man.
Awaiting you, the traveller, is an eerie descent in to the unfathomable shadows of cosmic chaos, you must find out what happened there.
The landscape is bleak. Blackended and bombarded by transmissions of harsh static interference. Piercing frequencies pulsate from a binaural alien source, penetrating the multi-dimensional vanguard of the higher vibrational entities. Deep impact planetary collisions and meteor shower assaults are harnessed as auditary artillery, gunning down all physical matter that gravitates towards it. No being of any kind can survive here. Orbiting flashes of metallic debris are littered throughout the haunting drone of the astral reverberations, it is all that is left...

The solar-sonic storms you are about to hear rage for approximately 26 minutes before subsiding and at about 12 minutes and 12 seconds, you will hear 'Their' refusal.
 This is the only artefact that remains from the apocalypse of space. Listen carefully, or prepare to be consumed by the ghost of the Sun."

~ Description by Om O'Blivion



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