[SKFREE036] OmniPresence - Exploration 2005-2012


'Psykore psyko, OmniPresence has released his full discography from 2005-2012 in connection to his last ever show at 3 Phases of Brainwash featuring tracks from previously unreleased project 'Infrared Battletone" (with Azamat Softsleeve) and many more. All his CD material has sold out and this project will be laid to rest after 15th September.'

Project Info

It started with an explosion of mind, an awakening, a calling for self discovery.

When OmniPresence begun he had no concept of so called "music production" just a fresh passion for electronic music and experimental creativity. No desires or cares for the world of limiters and stereo panning. As the years went by, he developed his sound and introduced various underground sub-genre influence into his psychedelic dance music, aswell as his technical ability, and thus became part of a musical genre that is now known to be "psycore".As the years have past, people have evolved, the universe has evolved, and we do indeed live in a different place to when this projectbegun. This compilation IS a reflection of that; the entire discography of the OmniPresence project, through light and darkness, through experiments and explorations, through alternative ideas and personal discoveries.

Therefore, i give you, UNMASTERED and exactly how they were written and intended to be...everything i have ever done! Thanks to everyone who was involved in making and breaking OmniPresence, to everyone who came to the support, and everyone who came to heckle or pull the plug. I thank you ALL! For there is no segregation, no polarities, ultimately, just one big experiment in which we all explore, expand and evolve, hoping, searching, and even fighting for a glimpse of peace and solice!

Thanks for the inspiration, and enjoy the music! I'll see you in the next dimension, joined together by empathy, united by static!

with love, light and liberation! BREAK FREE!

- OmniPresence -

DO NOT MISS OmniPresence last EVER show, LIVE and loud in Berlin at the 3 Phases of Brainwash Party!

1 comment:

narny said...

very last show means no live events or no events or no more newly written madness? :)

anyway, I want to thank you to mate, for me, you made psycore more colourful / more powerful!

also thank you for this compilation!!! :)))

keep up & long live Splatterkore T.Tribe! \M/