Documentary: Splatterydin Russian Tour 2012 Tour Diary!

Check out this awesome full feature (49 minutes) D.I.Y. documentary by Zutsuu(available in 720p HD!) 
5-18 July 2012, the Splatterkore Reck-ords artists Dionnaki, Kid Corrupt and Zutsuu did a tour in the Russian underground *core scene. The tour was a collaboration with Zutsuu's crew, Kovaydin Vastarinta. DoomsDay Sounds of the KV crew also joined the tour for its first weekend. These are the journals of their tour from St. Petersburg to Samara and back. This journal depicts the reality of underground core artists in the world of alternative clubs and free parties where anything can happen. 
English subtitles under CC.
Suomenkieliset tekstitykset CC:n alla.
Субтитры на русском языке в разработке.
This video is for non-commercial use only! All the commercial stuff that jumped on the camera is for educational purposes only etc. blablabla..
- Text by Zutsuu

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