Various Artists - Fucked Up Silence [SKFREE032]

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Compiled by Mindgrrind
Mastered by Kalilaskov AS []
Special thanks to Eltercald Designs for the artwork and to Om O'Blivion.

This project is the 3rd installation of a compilation series by Mindgrrind. It is an experimental project which encourages musicians to explore and freely interpret a given theme. The theme was pitched as; Post-party apocalypse comedown music. AMBIENT, soundscapes, sound art texture. Kick drums allowed but must be atmosphere driven.
As the project developed, there was a distinct variation in sounds which was better correlated in 2 parts designed to come together as a whole.The Ascension disc contains for euphoric, tribal and trance tracks and the Descension disc contains dark, textured and melancholic tracks.


CD 1 - 'Ascension'

1. Calum Moore - Dark Poem
2. The Xenaxium - Cyclical Vortex Resonator
3. Krzeski - Kurara Infected
4. Alchemical Reaction - Forgotten
5. Coldbreathe - Whitegaze
6. Thunder VIP - [-]
7. Bastard Cunt - Fiddling with Bastard's Cunt (Ambient Remix)
8. The Xenaxium - Becoming Limitless
9. Monad - Ice Skating in Vomit
10. Noistruct - Stop Breeding (Yudlugar Remix)
11. Yakobfinga - In a Birdless Dawn
12. HLO Ft.Dj Kaos - Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery

CD 2 - 'Descension'

1. Cave Dweller - Slave Pit 7
2. Murda Horse - Cyclic Apocalypse
3. Da5e - Sine Phantoms
4. Brainkiller - Atmosfear
5. Krzeski - Childkiller
6. From The Bogs of Aughiska - An Drochshaol
7. Rot 'n' Creep - Anhedonia
8. Mandark - Disquiet
9. Refudiator - Untitled
10. Horcrux - Heaving and Choking
11. Ekca Liena - Acrid Mornings
12. Thunder VIP - Out Of Reach
13. Gorean Slave Master - Sexual Dysfunction (contains elements of 'Function' by Outsight)

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