Gabbanarchy - Extreme Noize Terror [SKFREE033]



Raw crossover gabba-punk troupe of filthy acid-splattered goblins rise from their rotten, trash-filled graves to re-launch their scummy EP 'Extreme Noize Terror' from the complicated birth of Splatterkore in late 2007. They don't give a shit about tinkering over production quality and threw it all out the window in favour of the ferocity of noise for in-your-face, confrontational riot fuel.
~ Mindgrrind


Gabbanarchy formed from the almost non-existant noise / extreme dance / metal scene of Chester (though we are spread out across the North West of England). Using laptops, a pair of FUCKED bass guitars, a set of Technics and a few surprises we are creating sounds that are shocking even us hardened addicts Noize.

Disclaimer: Prepare for the absolute annihilation of every sensory perception of the 3rd dimension. Indroducing GabbAnarchy: ExtremeNoizeTerror channeled through 8th dimensional hyperspace and grounded in the sludge of 2-dimensional elements, and manifested into 3D sensory sickly beings for you! Prepare for the grotesque distortion frequencies to rewire your DNA towards the light and the dark realms. This is not a test. This is an activation. You Have Been Warned Officially! COMING SOON, TO A HOLE NEAR YOU SCUM! :)


Swain aka Omnipresence (now more recognised as Junkie Kut): Programming/Vox/GuitarMime aka Aphyllos: Vox/BASS TERROR
Slime aka General Rubbish (Travesty): Production/Percussion
Phil aka El Topo (Travesty): Production/Effects/Programming
GABBANARCHY: Making noise that sounds like god's crying

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