Planet Splatter - 20.09.09

Apologies for the lack of communication as of late, we have been wrapped up in new releases and dealing with cocaine fuelled money grabbing venue management *ahem* CLUB HIDDEN, VAUXHALL. Do not deal with them, you have been warned!!

Now that we are approaching the dark seasons, we will be keeping you supplied with fresh new free downloads as often as they come to us, to keep your inspiration through the wet & cold months.

We have recently signed, and would like to introduce you to,

No Brigade (digital hardcore punk noize from Toronto, Canada)

My Gloomy Machine
(bangin breakcore gabba from Quebec, Canada)

Junkcore (Spastic breakcore speedcore art from Romania)

Regarding Releases, look whats just come out....

V.A - Culture Crashers -SKR009 [CD]

We are pleased to announce the release of our first psychedelic inspired compilation.


1. Thunder VIP - The Vessel Project
2. Noizy Az Fuck Vs Guano Unsane - Breaking The Association
3. Aural Environmentalist - Pulse
4. Practik - Viagtronic
5. Azamat Softsleeve - Mr Hans Gruber's Yippie Ki Yay Christmas Nightmare
6. Brain Pixel (Aka Alf Doitch) - Jungle Kat Vengence
7. Omnipresence - The Fascism
8. Theory Of Mind (Feat Brain Pixel) - Dumb Drumming
9. General Rubbish - Yo Gabba Gabba
10. Samana Tleilax - No Carrier
11. Infect Insect - Eat The Children

This album is an audio experiment! We asked 11 experimental/breakcore/psykore & dark-psy artists to create a track fusing psytrance with other hardcore dance genres, in an attempt to distort the distinction and boundaries associated with psychedelic trance.

The new album from Splatterkore Reck-ords, is 11 tracks of pure relentless, psychedelic experimentation. Featuring up and coming experimental psykore artists, Aural Environmentalist, Infect Insect & Omnipresence, and introducing some fresh new projects, Culture Crashers is certainly one for the open minded!

This album ranges from 170bpm twisted Psychedelic Trance, to all out fractal speedcore noize. From ambient melodic breakcore, to furious high bpm lazer techno. From fast to slow, from light to dark: The Future Holds No Boundaries! Enjoy!

Available from Splatterkore Reck-ords @ £7.00 (+p&p) - from September 4th 2009.
All orders & info to:


23/09/09 Open Your Skull VI - London, UK
with/ Cementimental

25/09/09 Infiltration - Toronto, CA
with/ No Brigade

02/10/09 The Regime - Brighton, UK
with/ Japery, Mike Rhino & Mondoshawan

30/10/09 Pre-Halloween Bash - Alaska
with/ Kid Corrupt

31/10/09 Halloween Rave - Alaska
with/ Kid Corrupt

12/11/09 Rave Redemption - Manchester, UK
with/ Kinsheeva, Noizy Az Fuck, Kid Corrupt

13/11/09 UK SUBALTERN - London, UK
with/ Cementimental

28/11/09 Sacred Media - Liverpool, UK
with/ Alf Doitch

04/12/09 Trashculture 2 - Berlin, DE
with/ Noizy Az Fuck, Junkie Kut, Hatewire

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