Planet Splatter Newsletter - 01.06.09

Greetings Fellow Frazzfuckers, Noize Droids & Society Grinders,
As the Sun-Ra approaches climax season, we have been working alot on "tribal celebrations" (AKA. Parties).

1st up, THE REGIME, on Friday 5th June with Hellfish, Teknoist, Dr Bastardo + Kinsheeva @ The Volks, Brighton.

Next we have, RAVE AGAINST THE MACHINE: Friday 26th June in London with the Pokora Soundsystem, where we will be hosting the the one and only KOMPREX (ITALY) , plus Splatterkore, Rigormortis and Pokora artists.

Finally, SPLATTERBLAST, on September 4th,with The Teknoist, Ladyscraper, Noizefucker, Sonnotek, Machinochrist, Ghost + Sk-R, Rigormortis, Centrifuge, Pokora & The Regime collectives. Tickets for this are available for £5 advance, till 1st July!!!!

and also have a new release; The debut album from Kinsheeva......

KR007 - Kinsheeva - "Evolution" [CD]

3 years since the formation on this project, psychedelic breakcore magicians, Kinsheeva, have finally released their debut.
Evolution is 8 tracks of unique, experimental, atmospheric breakcore/gabba, with a twist of speedcore, and punk/metal influence.
Known for their stunning live sets, and anticapitalist attitude, their album is a smooth running seemless 35 live performance, recorded onto disc.
Truely original breakcore! Dont miss out!
Available for £3 (+p&p) on Splatterkore Reck-ords, NOW!

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