[SKFREE044] - Various Artists: Cross-Dimensional Contamination

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Release Information:

V.A. Compilation -
'Cross-Dimensional Contamination'
Compiled by:
Om O'Blivion
Artwork by:
Ash @ Eltercald-Design.co.uk
Mastering by:
Adam Derry
Release Date:
Winter Solstice/End of the Mayan Calender 21st December 2012
36 x MP3 @ 320kbps
Run Time:
3.7 Hours
File Size:
539 MB


Crossing the threshold between dark psychedelics and electronic core music, this project explores the chaotic fractal niche obscured by the shadows between these hi-energy co-ordinates.
Its aim is to make the walls crumble, unite people through darkness and create a new psy/core hybrid.

Upon the collision of the dimensional tectonics, a synergetic fusion of the elements which define the extremes of alternative dance music will be created.

They will infect one another and metamorphose, manifesting a post-atomic mutation of raw psychedelic energy, and devastating sonic power, stimulating new dance-floor frequencies.

'C-D.C.' is an experimental release compiled by Om O'Blivion. It fuses together elements of core, psy, acid, tekno, noize, avant garde and more. It has the intention to blur the boundaries between the extreme alternative electronic music communities and become a fresh stimulus for future dance floors and to provide new inspiration to the collective creative and to help promote more cross-over events and releases.

Chapter 1: Chaos

01. Kid Corrupt - The Mad Revisionist
02. Zutsuu - Keltainen Flippatoosa
03. Coredyceps - Keep Moving
04. Hersenerosie - The Whisperer in Darkness
05. BWK - Stratospheric Fall
06. Zero-Blade - Transmit Positive Energy
07. Infect Insect - Spiral Caterpillar
08. Refudiator - Untitled
09. Romeodark - Napok
10. Encefalisis - Estructuras Destruidas
11. Rude Repeen - Blyadi V Kamere Obskura
12. Hyper Acid - Ramtafican Bellzintinkinzy
13. Mental D-Struction - EAW Cross Dimensional Edit
14. KanibaL HolokausT - Industrial Valley
15. Les Neiges Noires de Laponie - Anglouti l'avenir (dr0)
16. Jose Macabra + Mothax - Filth Me Tonight
17. The Xenaxium - Lycaehn
18. Cochliomyia - Surnatural Cyber Kid

Chapter 2: Infinity

01. Dionnaki - Modular
02. La Foudre - The One
03. Tooth_Eye - Niik-Shii-Mii
04. Infect Insect - Skeletons on Batteries
05. Robotic Joe - Inspiration Comes From Everywhere
06. Titanium Thorns - Your Gone Full
07. Encefalisis - Furia Del Barrio
08. sm1rt - AzTek HaiTek
09. L055 - Ikejx
10. The M.S.P. - Ghastly Phantom
11. Padja Nibiru - Astrofisic Codex
12. sKwYz - Acidcore 03
13. Convectorh - Hollow Earth
14. Krono_psy - The Sea and U Tripping
15. HHZ - Verdigris
16. Freethinker - Genetic Structure
17. Hosmo Zonik - Large Trip
18. HFK - Nuclear Bombing December 2012

Special Thanks:

Aura Blue, Ash Burn, Adam Derry, Amos, Dzifa/KaZuLu and the Cerebral Chaos Crew Berlin, the Splatterkore Terror Tribe and of course all the artists involved in the project. Thanks for your support!