[SKFREE043] Teknoaidi - The Source Field Manifestations

Release Information:

Artist: Teknoaidi
Title: The Source Field Manifestations
Released by: Splatterkore Reck-ords
Cat. No: [SKFREE043]
Release Date: New Moon of December 13th 2012.
Mastered by: Adam Derry (A.K.A. Freethinker)

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'The Source Field Manifestations' album by Teknoaidi is a spiritual successor to 'Sounds of Reckoning', an album released earlier in 2012 under his other alias: Zutsuu.
Notice the increasing synchronicities in your life, which can not be explained away with random chance anymore. You are undergoing a psychic evolution initiation rite guided by your spirit guides and higher self. Your 12 strand DNA will be fully activated again, but first you must occupy your self and let go of the illusion of fear we have been conditioned to. We, the descendants of Atlantis, have come to a point where we have to surpass our ancestors and learn from the mistakes they made. As the 13th b'ak'tun of the Mayan calendar completes the Golden Age surfaces and we soon won't be needing to borrow energy from others anymore as we start to manifest it directly from the Source Field. We are soon arriving at the shore of an unknown land and reuniting with our galactic family. Our family up at the skies in their grand flying machines were never hidden, we just couldn't see them with our limited perception. Now we are ready. Let the shamancore and noise guide you between this and the next dimension. If you are listening to this you are on the positive 2012 timeline.

Description by Teknoaidi

Track Listing:

01. Descendants of Atlantis (Intro)
02. Synchronicity
03. All Energy is Borrowed
04. Psychic Evolution Initiation Rite
05. The Source Field
06. Grand Flying Machine
07. Occupy Your Self
08. Spirit Guide
09. Oxlajuj B'ak'tun
10. Tuntematon Maa
11. The Golden Age Surfaces (Outro)

Running Time: 41 Minutes + Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat - 12th Strand Activation.diy

Channelled from The Source by: Zutsuu=Teknoaidi






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