10 years of Splatterkore Compilation! Tracks wanted!

art by mindgrrind

Exquisite Splatterkorpse VA

Tracks wanted!!!

This year is Splatterkore’s 10 year birthday and the LAST release!!! It’s now or never to get involved! (Secret: we’re co-launching a newer, darker label with this release šŸ˜Ž)

We are compiling a free, downloadable release of wild, hybrid electronic styles.

The theme: Imaginary creatures.

From creatures of legend, myth and lore to cyborgs to extraterrestrials.. or just whatever you conjure up!

Send your ideas to splatterkore@gmail.com or comment here!

Deadline for submissions : 01 September  2018

cover art by: Visceral Manifestations 


  • Collaboration tracks with other artists are encouraged.

  • Export your finished tracks at 16bit, -6db in wav format.

  • We have a mastering engineer and he can work well if you leave a lot of headroom. Leave no master comp or buss comp on the track. Feel free to sort your own mastering also and he will only touch it lightly.

  • Maximum length is 11 mins 11 seconds.

  • The track must fit the theme and be made with the theme in consideration. Please only submit older tracks if you think it is perfect for this theme.

  • There are no restrictions on style push yourself into the unknown... go faster, slower, darker, heavier, crazier than usual.

Looking forward to behold all your mutant music babies!!!

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