Documentary from Splatterkore Dungeon

Zutsuu/Teknoaidi has made a video blog from when he played Splatterkore Cyber Dungeon at Cerebral Chaos Acid Theater in September 2013. Featuring interviews and great party footage amongst other things!
'Teknoaidi's travel journal to Berlin where he went to play at "Cerebral Chaos Anniversary II 'ACiD THEATER'", a darkpsy + speedcore crossover party organized by Cerebral Chaos and Splatterkore Reck-ords. Besides footage from the party, the video contains interviews of Del_F64.0, HFK, Junkie Kut and Mindgrrrind who are all in their own way involved with hybrid music beyond subcultural borders.

English soft-coded subtitles included for the parts where Finnish and French are spoken.'

0:00:00 Intro
0:03:17 Del_F64.0 interview
0:23:33 Beastie Resurrection @ Pavillion/ Elsenbr├╝cke (outdoor party)
0:25:01 Cerebral Chaos Anniversary II 'ACiD THEATER @ MAGDAlena
0:49:29 HFK interview
0:51:57 Junkie Kut interview
1:02:36 Mindgrrrind interview
1:18:47 Outro

Intro: Coredyceps - Molecule Coitus
Outro: HFK - Circuit Brainding

French-English translation:
123 letsgo

Del_f64.0 who feature as the first interviewees on this video have new material. Please go and check them out and support their mission in deconstructing oppressive gender/binary beliefs!!

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