[SKFREE047] Various Artists - Splatterkult

Released: Full Moon of January 27th 2013
Artwork: Mindgrrind
Mastering: Adam Derry/Freethinker
Format: 23 x MP3 @ 320kbps
Runtime: 2 hours
Filesize: 270MB


Artist's Stimulus:

Do you find yourself on the outside looking in? Are you ready to sacrifice your grey old sanity for mayhem and hedonism? Are you not afraid mercilessly force the power of The Great Work upon virgin uninitiated ears and wish to be assisted by like minded individuals in making the world a better place to inhabit? Join Splatterkult, welcome to the temple of Chaos. No minimal. Chaotic rhythms and pulsing heavy music is always good, styles: varied (fuck your ego scene wars). Only waveforms allowed.

Release Description:

The Moon is full, nature abhors your so-called sanity, it is time to give yourself to the dark side. No mercy for the weak of mind, sever your roots to your prison of reality, engage your ears and become the chaos incarnate!

Track Listing:

01. LK-47 - Disable Brain
02. Skitzaph0nic - A New Warrior
03. EgoDiscordia - First Horseman
04. Noizy Az Fuck - Six
05. Freethinker - Speedy LSD Acid
06. Coredyceps - Pulse Turret
07. HFK - Les Hyrbides
08. JeRe aka Béton Armé - Je Suis Armé Pourquoi Pas Vous?
09. Hersenerosie - The Foul Stench Of Purity
10. The First Seed - Reject Champion
11. [tlr] - 3 Homunculus
12. Noisetruct - Seeds Of Dissent
13. The M.S.P. - Time Traveller
14. Sim On Kor Funkle - Porc
15. Skitzaph0nic - The Chaos Gods
16. Hellseeker & Doctor Terror - God Is Dead
17. BWK - AntiNeutryNo 2.0.12
18. Pressterror - L.S.DRRRRRR
19. Freethinker - Mental Institute [Splatterkult Remix]
20. Ordo Lacrima Christi - Liber Damnatus [Matt Bleak Remix]
21. OhMega Sir - Demon Sex
22. To-Bo - Hellraiser
23. Ainox - Revolucion De La Calle

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