Splatterkore Reck-ords Discography

(Under Construction!)


Murda Horse & Rapidax - 'Are You a Fuckin' Ass' Split EP TBC
Audiotorture - 'Sonic Decapitation' EP TBC
Romeodark - 'AudioPharmacy' TBC
JeRe - 'Action Reaction' Album TBC

- EP August

Pigeon Cadaver - 'Promethean Phenomenons' 20th August
Splatterkore V.A
. - 'Prisms of Imagination' 10th September

Les Neiges Noires De Laponie - 'Devouring the Dark Sun (Live)' Album 15th September

Free Downloads:

[SKFREE059] Egodiscordia - Black Death
[SKFREE058] Noizy Az Fuck - Master of Unicorns
[SKFREE057] LK-47 - Ignoranza
[SKFREE056] Hersenerosie - Dead But Dreaming
[SKFREE055] Hellboii - Berlin Sessions
[SKFREE054] Coredyceps - Space-Spores
[SKFREE053] Menthe De Menthe & Ricky Zeta - Renaissance Terror
[SKFREE052] HFK - Brain Cosmos
[SKFREE051] Gorean Slave Master - Sex Cult
[SKFREE050] DJ Disturbed & LK-47 - Terror Alliance
[SKFREE049] Enter A Word - Life is an Unexpected Controversy
Noistruct - Burn Every Fucking Car in the Street! 1998-2013
V.A. Compilation - Splatterkult
Coredyceps - Sonic Meditation
[SKFREE045] Thunder V.I.P. - Origins ('0' Part 2)
[SKFREE044] V.A. Compilation - Cross-Dimensional Contamination

[SKFREE043] Teknoaidi - The Source Field Manifestations
EgoDiscordia - Malum Quod Influit

Refudiator - Think of the Outcome

Freethinker - Endless Acid Typhoon
[SKFREE039] Murda Horse - Squat Rotter

[SKFREE038] Xenodrome - The Circle of Sorrow
[SKFREE037] Ainox - Intraligare
[SKFREE036] OmniPresence - Full Discography
[SKFREE035] m1ndstr3am - The Bunker
[SKFREE034] A999C - Stellar Destruction
[SKFREE033] Gabbanarachy - Extreme Noize Terror
[SKFREE032] V.A. Compilation - Fucked Up Silence
[SKFREE031] Hatewire vs Pressterror - The Morbidity Mixes (Split release with Braincore)
[SKFREE030] Baphomet X vs EgoDiscordia - The Darkest Journey
[SKFREE029] Pressterror - This is Suizidcore
[SKFREE028] OhMega Sir - The Homecoming
[SKFREE027] The Xenaxium - Descent into Darkness
[SKFREE026] Skitzaph0nic - Transformers
[SKFREE025] Zutsuu - Sounds of Reckoning
[SKFREE024] Airborne Drumz - Saturn Falcons
[SKFREE023] Thunder V.I.P. - 0
[SKFREE022] Lord of Sp33d & DJ CarpeNoctum - Merry Fucking Sickmass
[SKFREE021] V.A. Compilation - Destruction Cult
[SKFREE020] Hyper Acid - Demo EP
[SKFREE019] Cave Dweller - Primitive Apocalypse
[SKFREE018] Shitloads of Fuck All - Pulling Teeth from an Empty Skull
[SKFREE017] Mondoshawan - Subrincinator
[SKFREE016] V.A. Compilation - Satanarchy
[SKFREE015] Geisha Noise Research Group - THRE.EP
[SKFREE014] Killabomb & Papex - Pakora Manifestation
[SKFREE013] Hellboy - Hard Techno Transmissions
[SKFREE012] NUH - Romcom
[SKFREE011] Ars Dada vs Noizy Az Fuck - Cyber Violence
[SKFREE010] Drugzilla - Headshop Headfuck
[SKFREE009] Alf Doitch - Sped Up Works of Annoyance
[SKFREE008] Azamat Softsleeve - Softsleeve Psykore Vol. 1
[SKFREE007] Kinsheeva - Unification
[SKFREE006] Hatewire - Your Pain is My Pleasure
[SKFREE005] Splatterkore Terror Tribe - Sample Pack 1
[SKFREE004] DJ NUH - Czernabog's Sex Mix
[SKFREE003] My Gloomy Machine - Pure Core Infection Diagnosis
[SKFREE002] Junkie Kut/VWT - Split EP

[SKFREE001] Oozat - STS Hardcore Elite

Early Releases:

[SKRDS-005] V.A. Compilation - Label Sampler
*Currently Unavailable*
Kid Corrupt - Pragmatic Ideas
*Currently Unavailable*
Mondoshawan - Noise of the Droid
*Currently Unavailable*
Alf Doitch - Azebac Fury
*Currently Unavailable*
[SKRDS-001] V.A. Compilation - Splatterkore Reck-ords Sampler 2008
*Currently Unavailable*

Physical Releases *E-mail us for info*

[SKR-CD007] Junkie Kut - Terror, Rage & Liberty
[SKR-CD006] Ars Dada - Assault Machine
[SKR-CD005] V.A. Compilation - Culture Crashers
[SKR-CD004] Kinsheeva - Evolution
[SKR-CD003] Junkie Kut - Manifesto of the Electronic Zombie Cyborg Mafia
[SKR-CD002] OmniPresence - Apocalyptik Experimentz in Pzikeydelick Hardkore
[SKR-CD001] Noizy Az Fuck - Drop Beats, Not Babies

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