Kid Corrupt (ENG)

Artist Biography: Kid Corrupt, a UK based Hard Electronica Producer, one half of the UK/NL based Hardcore Techno/Industrial project The Nephilim. He has been infusing a broad range of styles from Breakcore to Speedcore, Glitch, Techno, Dark Ambient, Anarcho Punk, Hardcore, Experimental and beyond. Focusing mainly on live sets, what you can expect from Kid Corrupt is a high energy fusion of hardcore beats and frequency manipulation. His recent live sets have been focused on Ambient Speedcore and Machine Breakcore with healing properties. With EP’s on Ghettocore Rekkids, Splatterkore Reck-ords and Karton Network, Kid Corrupt’s releases envoke a vast abundance of emotive content and radiant frequency vibrations. Having played live at various underground parties around UK/EU/US since 2007 his musical style is constantly moving forward and evolving. (Foreword by Toumas, Kovaydin Vastarinta) Splatterkore Releases  

Free Download >> Pragmatic Ideas [SKFREE008]

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