Ash @ Eltercald Design (ENG)

Artist Profile:

Eltercald Design was established in the Spring of 2012, with aims to cater for clients with a limited budget little previous experience in graphic design. 
We provide a range of services, from personal to professional, and strive to bring the client's vision to life. 

For for more information check out:

Splatterkore Portfolio: 

Flyer for Splatterydin Russian Tour 2012

Flyer for the Splatterkore stage at the Cerebral Chaos '3 Phases of Brainwash' party

Front cover for the Splatterkore V.A. compilation 'Fucked Up Silence'
Front cover for A999C - 'Stellar Destruction'

If you would like me to design your next Splatterkore release then please follow my personal guidelines which can be found here (scroll down to the bottom).

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