Airborne Drumz (RUS)

Artist Biography
Experimental breakcore/hardcore/electro etc artist from Russia making music for 8+ years. Played 60+ gigs in 5+ countries.

An electronic music producer. Made electro, dubstep, breakcore, etc since 2005. Played 60+ gigs in 20+ cities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, etc. Released 6 full albums and a lot compilations in USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, etc.

I'm from small city which is in the north of Russia. I started my way as a guitarist in grindcore band in like 2004. We recorded 2 albums and played many gigs but after a while the band has collapsed. However, music has become my passion and I wanted to keep going with it.

I always wanted to put some electronic parts to my instrumental material. So, I started to learn how to make electronics. I tried different things, tried to use my instrumental background in electronics as well. As a result, I started this project, called it Airborne Drumz and made my first album "Microdot Microspace". It was something like downtempo or triphop or whatever... After a while, I began to work with different musicians and wanted to make band again but it went another way.

I moved to Moscow. Fucking 20 million people and you feel like a shit but it gave me many opportunities. I went on speedcore/breakcore parties, met people, met musicians. I could ask 'em and that was awesome. I learned how to make breakcore, how to make electronic music, how the underground society works. 2nd album "Starshine" has been written in Moscow in 2008. All those events gave me a lot of ideas. I just tried different styles like speedcore, 8bit, glitch, so on... all mixed with breakcore. When it was finished I started to play gigs as ABD.

Parties gave me even more. I spoke with interesting people again and met new and new musicians. I absorbed new ideas. Each day I lived only my music. I wrote it, played it, and thought about it. Pure emotions and feelings. My life was f'ing hard that time. I tried to survive. Kept money to rent an apartment, found time to write my stuff. Damn city where you gotta pay 1000$ per month for the cheapest flat.

I finished "Fuck Tha Void" album in the beginning of 2009 and after long label search I stopped on Merry Works (Japan). I send all materials to the owner and the artist made me a really nice cover. The label said that they are sending everything to a factory to print cds and I was happy at last. Next day the owner deleted his page, the page of a label, and so on. Nobody knew why. He just disappeared from the internets. . . . I shared my album for free... but it wasn't the end... He appeared as suddenly as he disappeared and sent me cds but I lost 1 year. The breakcore wave was gone.

Anyways, 2009 was really amazing. I played a lot of gigs in different cities. Performing and traveling are the best things in the world. In the summer i played with Horse the Band in Minsk and Kiev and after a while i made 2 remixes on their songs. I was so happy that they released one rmx on their album "Desperate Living (Deluxe Edition)". They are still my very favorite band. Also, in the end of a year I played on SickFest (the biggest breakcore event in Russia) and, later, I released a track on their cd compilation.

2010 was even better. I played gigs in many new places (like Minsk, Petrozavodsk, Saratov, St. Petersburg and even Murmansk). It was so exciting. I started to make bass music cuz fashion changed. I made a vinyl split with Gromov and released a grime track on it. In May I had my 1st small tour which took a week and 5 cities. I filmed everything and made a dvd "FROM MOZCAU 2 OUTA SPACE" about the tour.

I always was close to instrumental mathcore and hardcore. I mean people and music. I played 50% gigs with instrumental bands. So, I made my own band Gadget Hackwrench Fetish Club. GHFC is a side project where i did vocals, guitars, mixing and electronics by my own. Tbh, almost whole 2010 i was making material for GHFC and had a lot of rehearsals with my guitarist from Moscow. I learned how to scream lol and we played few gigs with GHFC. In the same time I continued played as ABD in different cities. That year I played with a lot of kool musicians like Bong-Ra, Terminal 11, Cardopusher, Techdiff, Bonehead, Terrormasta, Kodek, Ozzy Ozwald, etc.

I the beginning of 2011 I played gig in Minsk and then I moved to Prague. I finished the 1st album "<3 Online" for the side-project and released it on a small label in USA. Then, after 1,5 years of work, I finished next album for ABD called "Worshiping Mars Triangle". I collected a lot of tracks which i wrote last few years, mixed them and add a couple of new ones. WMT includes remixes on Kodek(LA), Totally Normal(RU) and Guchon(JP). Also, i made 1 track with a vocalist from Africa.

2011 was pretty long. I started to play gigs in Europe. Berlin, Vienna, Ostrava, Prague, etc. I started to learn new things about sound and mixing and tried my self in new genres like dnb, dubstep, electro. In the end of 2011 i finished 5th album "Saturn Falcons" . This time it was electro about cosmic band. It was released on 8 labels in the different parts of the world in the beginning of 2012. That was super amazing experience making "Saturn Falcons". You know, each album is a little step forward for me and it's so awesome to watch how the project is growing. Btw, I never knew that easy listening music with positive emotions is so hard to make. lol.

Now, I work on a new project Knife Of Life with a guitarist from Germany. I hope it will be better than all i made before) we'll see. . .

Releases on Splatterkore:
Saturn Falcons

I always believed that two best things in this world are traveling and playing music. And i always loved the cosmos. The Cosmos is the most epic thing ever. It's beyond space and time. It's everywhere, it always was and it always will be. What could be better than traveling among the planets and playing gigs on starliners. Saturn Falcons is the space band in the near future. They live the best life, fighting giant octopuses, trading rainbow crystals and, of course, playing concerts on big spaceships. When u listen to the album, just know that everything was recorded on cosmic guitars and computer musical instruments of the future right on The Ghost of Jupiter Terminal Station.
I watched a lot of 80s sci-fi movies to make my concept more detailed. Escape from New York, Videodrome, Scanners, Spacehunter, so on so on. I tried to feel the atmosphere of the time. As a result, i got a lot of 80s emotions for my tracks. Each one has it's own small story. Rich robots and aliens in golden spacesuits having a party while Saturn Falcons playing their hit Starliner Disco. Then, the red lights of Omega City blinding the exhausted crew of a shuttle which traveled to Mars for years. And, finally, the band plays Back To Saturn supporting Andromeda Forces who are going to have an epic battle with Cassiopaeans in hyperspace.
My last album was about Red Planet, this one was inspired by green and orange Saturn Rings, next one.. who knows.. maybe it'll be about the Horsehead Nebula. Anyways, it's just another part of a journey thru outer space towards farthest stars where everyone will be happy forever. So, listen to the album Earthers. I hope you will like it as much as i do.


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