Planet Splatter 21.12.08

Greetings Electronic Zombie Cyborgs and fellow Catastrophic Computer Mutants,

The time has come for another infection of communication to our beloved friends, fans and freaks.

Firstly, we would like to wish you a "happy solstice" today is the literally the darkest day of the year, we become gradually more saturated with light from this day onwards, so make the most of the dark while you still have it!

Secondly, we are being hosted on ILL FM from London, UK, on the Thursday the 29th of January. We will be broadcast from 8pm till Midnight, with NOIZY AZ FUCK, MONDOSHAWAN(aka Hardman Sinden), SHITLOADS OF FUCK ALL, KINSHEEVA & ALF DOITCH performing live, and there is also room for interviews, insults etc. For more info visit:

Thirdly, we would like to make you aware of some events we have lined up over the next couple of months:

, in Brighton, UK - w/DJ PRODUCER, REMARC + More TBC - Friday the 6th February

RIGORMORTIS Vs SPLATTERKORE, in Nottingham, UK - We are hosting the 2nd room at the legendary speedcore/gabba/noize night - Saturday the 28th February

Fourthly, due to technology destroying itself and the GOTH VON CORE free Ep, has been postponed, we will keep you informed on this as soon as his computer is fixed! Also, we are proud to announce that we have splatterkore tracks on the new album coming out on illphabetik records , the first release from underground psydance label junked records and two OmniPresence tracks out on Sacred Media and Sketchy Sketch, all out early next year. Stay tuned!

Lastly, the some members of the SPLATTERKORE TERROR TRIBE have produced a flyer on CHAOS, CLICHE AND CONDEMNATION [click here for download - 1st page - 2nd page]

So, I think that rounds everything up, apologies if weve missed anything..

Oh yeah, almost forgot, be sure to check your emails on the "birthday of the false prophet" for a special festive gift from the Splatterkore Mafia :)

Liberation and Resonation,

Spatterkore HQ.

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