Planet Splatter 12.10.07

Greetings to all Electronic Zombie Droids and Transdimensional Distortion Junkies.

Lots has been happening here recently at Splatterkore HQ, an lots is being prepared ready for infection!

Firstly, HARDMAN SINDEN, JAPERY, OMNIPRESENCE & THE BANGIN BONZAIS will be supporting the lengendary BONG RA and gameboy gabba guru DJ SCOTCH EGG, at the Volks in Brighton on FRIDAY THE 17TH of OCTOBER. A night called THE REGIME set up by the Sinden Brothers.

On the release front, on NOVEMEBER THE 5TH, Splatterkore's Psykore enthusiast OMNIPRESENCE will release his debut album, 'Apocalyptik Experimentz in Pzikeydelick Hardkore' and will be availble from us, and other distribution networks [tbc] - For more info click here


The next event after that on the Splatterkore Agenda is FRIDAY THE 7TH NOVEMBER, when NOIZY AZ FUCK, will be playing with THE TEKNOIST and death$ucker records owner PARASITE, at the next REGIME, also at the Volks in Brighton.

Finally, we would like to welcome on board and introduce you to our latest additions to the splatterkore bloodline:

Xtreme digital grindcore for one man and his machine. Absolutly relentless dance blastbeat energy, with breaks and anything less than 230bpm a rarity, from Nottingham, UK.

This guy works with nasty overdriven amen breaks and brutal kickdrum samples, to create a blend of industrial breakcore and machinecore gabba. He is also a genius when it comes to editing samples, to say ridiculous and outrageous remarks about the system and interbreeding. Starts with a scratch, ends with a bang!

An orchestra of punk distortion from Newport/London/Eastbourne. Using their very own Circuit Bend electronics and a distorted microphone, these guys will blast your brain into chaos to the extent where you will begin to ponder its legallity! This is what a noize projekt shoud be! An array of gabba kiks and white noize frenzy, utility belt, binbags, masks and all.

Okay, thats all for now.
Abomination and Chaos Vibration,



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