Noizy az Fuck - "Drop Beats, Not Babies" - SKR001

Splatterkore Reck-ords is proud to announce the release of Noizy Az Fuck’s ‘Drop Beats, Not Babies’ on September the 11th. The debut album from our punk breakcore genius, has a perfect concoction for dance-floor brain mess. Drop Beats, Not Babies blends erratic use of the amen-break, with European speedcore blast-beat, psychedelic breakdowns and distorted thrash punk scream samples. Rarely writing music in a standard 4/4 time signature, and never afraid to send the whole track out of sync with a once note rest, Noizy az Fuck will keep you forever in awe with his circuit bending interface. After experimenting for years with breakcore and gabba, he has now defined his own sound and is ready to explode into your lifestyle with a high dose of technological extreme punk plasma.
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